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A Timed Disaster

Fanfic, books, and words, words, words

F.A. MacNeil
21 November
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This is a writing journal, and secondarily a book-readin' and fandom/media stuff journal.

I'm doing a B.A. in philosophy at an extremely snobby Canadian university. Fandoms include X-Men, DS9, Doctor Who, and BSG (really only writing on X-Men at the moment, but that could change).

My fics are usually slow, deliberate, and non-sexy, and they often contain improbable references to the Confederation poets, Roman orators, or obscure CanRock lyrics. It's, uh, subversive.

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alpha flight, amos oz, ancient history, anne hébert, anne lamott, archibald lampman, augustine, barbara gowdy, bashir/o'brien, battlestar galactica, beast, canada, canadian literature, canrock, catholic worker movement, catholicism, cbc, charles xavier, christina rossetti, christopher eccleston, cillian murphy, confederation poets, cyclops, dani moonstar, david tennant, dead zone, depression, diane duane, doctor who, dorothy day, ds9, duncan campbell scott, echo bazaar, english literature, ethics, fallen london, fan fiction, fanfic, farscape, fiction, frank pembleton, gerard manley hopkins, henry mccoy, highlander, homicide, house, hull, immanuel kant, james joyce, jason stryker, jean grey, jean-paul beaubier, jebbies, julian bashir, junk food girls, karl rahner, karma, kevin ford, kurt wagner, latin, made in canada, margaret atwood, margaret laurence, martin tielli, mary margaret o'hara, mary shelley, mental illness, methos, moral philosophy, new mutants, new x-men, new x-men: academy x, nightcrawler, ninth doctor, north of 60, northrop frye, northstar, original characters, ottawa, paul tillich, peter kelly gaudreault, philosophy of literature, phoenix, pierre elliott trudeau, plastic prison fics, politics, professor x, psychology, quebec, quebec sovereignty, reading, red rose tea, rheostatics, rick mercer, robertson davies, robin hobb, scott summers, scott/jean, sheila watson, sir charles goddamn roberts, st:ds9, st:tng, star trek, sunless sea, tenth doctor, the sopranos, theology, tim bayliss, trills, victorian literature, vladimir nabokov, wayne/crane, wither, wittgenstein, writing, x-men, x2, xian coy manh