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06 July 2015 @ 03:00 pm
must see TV  
Let's get this out of the way: I was an only child, with no friends, and when I was a kid I had to make my own fun. Dial-up didn't come to our house until I was 16. Truth.

So when I was like, 13 or so, I had a TV problem. I don't just mean I watched a lot of it, although I did; I mean that I kept a notebook and wrote down every single show that I watched, summarised the episode, and listed the commercials that aired during the program. It scared my mother.

To be less jokey about it, I got into this stuff because I was bullied and one day I was watching a stand-up special on CBC and I realised: in the moment that I'm laughing myself sick at a comedian's bit, for a second, it's impossible to be unhappy. So I read TV Guide every week (such as we did in those days), filled up my schedule with shows, and went chasing that dragon.

Now that I'm older and properly medicated, I get frustrated because I can't binge-watch TV shows. I just can't -- three episodes of something and I'm done, I want to do something else. That means everybody else I know is ahead of me, and I'm left saying over and over again, "No, that sounds good, I'll definitely watch it sometime." For a long time I either didn't have TV or didn't have cable (parsimony, not snobbery), so that made the problem worse.

So my super-dorky solution was to create my own TV lineup for every day of the week. I know. But it's a fun game! Try sorting all your favourite shows into 4 hours of prime time where one thing leads naturally into another. Include reruns for palate cleansers. Make time to rewatch old favourites. Slot in time for movies and documentaries. What's not to like?

Here's my schedule for now:

SPY NIGHT: Catfish (2 reruns), The Americans, Homeland, [Movie]
NYC NIGHT: Seinfeld (2 reruns), Broad City, Louie, Brooklyn 99, Girls, The Sopranos
SKIFFY NIGHT: ST:DS9, Daredevil, Orphan Black, Doctor Who
COP NIGHT: Homicide: Life on the Street, The Wire, True Detective, [Movie]
COMEDY NIGHT: Robot Chicken, [Standup Special], Futurama, Arrested Development, [Another Standup Special]
DOCS & HISTORICAL: [Whatever looks enlightening on Youtube], Cosmos, [Documentary], Rome
DOUBLE FEATURE: [A new movie], [An old movie], Slings & Arrows if I'm still awake

I don't keep this to the letter, and I mix up the themed nights as I see fit, but I feel less weird pressure when I only have to watch one new episode of something and can then reward myself with comforting reruns.

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