Sunless Sea fic: Whistling Shell

Whistling Shell
Fandom: Sunless Sea / Fallen London
Characters: Irrepressible Cannoneer, Zee Captain, & others
Length: 14,383 (complete)

The sacrifices we make for money aren’t always worth it. The Captain wants a piece of the red honey trade, and in order to secure her place with the smugglers, she sells something away that can’t be bought back. Or can it?

(Spoilers for the end of Zaira’s and the Irrepressible Cannoneer’s questlines.)

There’s a tune the Cannoneer likes to whistle, whenever we’re in sight of the bright green jewel-box of Aestival, or the darker swamp forests of the Sea of Autumn. Not so strange; the other zailors liven up in the air of the Calumnies too, and they all look forward to gathering crates of greens when we sail into port at Mangrove College. But the Cannoneer whistles that same tune when we’re under the hand of the Iron Republic, cutting the prow-light to hide from Unfinished pirates and Republican dreadnoughts…

Read at ao3:

There's also an 8tracks mix to go with it, if you're so inclined:

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Martin Tielli

Tell me who's that writing? John the Revelator...

That feel when you decide to write a quick canon-compliant story for another fandom, just as a palate cleanser before launching into X-men Novel #3...and the story gets a little too long...and you come to the end and realise you really need to mirror it with a second one from the opposite perspective in order to make it all hang nicely...and now we're talking about 20K at least...

Well, a palate-cleanser is coming shortly, anyway, because the draft is done. It's in Sunless Sea/Fallen London fandom. Completely different from what I usually do, and yet not that different.

I'll aim to release the first three chapters of Novel #3 at once, just to be sure that I have all my dominos set up the way I want them to fall. Outlines are outliney, wheels are in motion.

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Martin Tielli

Complete: The Heart's Landscape

So this is done!

It topped out at 133K words, and because I'm a very silly person, I've decided to turn this into a trilogy. I have an audience of maybe two readers, but I kind of...don't care? I like writing these characters and I want to keep exploring the political stuff, so that's what I'm gonna do.

The stats and summary:

The Heart's Landscape (133K words, complete) by F.A. MacNeil
Fandom: X-Men & Alpha Flight
Category: Gen, a very slow-burning M/M in the background
Characters: OCs, Alpha Flight team, Charles Xavier, Faiza Hussain, brief appearances by Jean Grey, Cyclops and Wolverine

Canadian superheroes, or not. In Montreal, two small-time mutant activists contend with bureaucratic humiliations, government agents headhunting mutants for a new department, and a sketchy neurological research centre. What they discover isn't pretty.

This story is a re-imagining of Alpha Flight, but you really only need to be broadly familiar with the X-Men end of the Marvel universe to follow what's going on.

Read at AO3 ... or maybe better start with this one but it's up to you, I don't know your life.

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Martin Tielli

and mothers of the country, take two flags and make a sail

Confederation Building, Ottawa

We had to go up to the city today, from home-where-I-live to Real Home, the city where I was born. We had to take care of dropping off some documents at a satellite office of the Russian embassy to get a visa for the trip we're taking in September, so it was a pretty boring trip. But look at how pretty the weather was! Downtown Ottawa was swathed in plastic sheets and tarps, construction going on all over Parliament Hill, and (for the first time any of us could recall) the green copper roofs of the buildings had been stripped and replaced -- the new roofs don't have any patina yet, so they look dull and wrong. Verdigris is the proper colour that you should see when you look up Bank or Elgin to the Hill; seeing plain copper-brown there is as wrong as seeing the Statue of Liberty without her green patina.

(Although there is a more modern type of green roof in Lower Town too, these days.)

But this building was still intact and untouched, so I took a photo like a tourist. I had to look up its name; it's called the Confederation Building, and...well, its purpose isn't too interesting. It's just full of offices, MPs and junior ministers. (Joel's father in The Aphanes wouldn't have had an office here, except maybe very early in his career.)

Here's the thing, though: from a distance, these neo-Gothic buildings on Wellington look dignified, staid, and sort of British. Up close, closer than any normal citizen will ever bother to look, the architecture is full of whimsical little touches. Mostly animals. Cougar cubs, bears, owls, squirrels, even a bat as well as carvings of Boy Scouts (?) and a broken weathervane ornamented with a tiny biplane.

Says the blogger at Urbsite:
I have a final question - castings or carvings? Usually multiples (like the lions on the Central Post Office at Sparks and Elgin were cast), but these beasts look like they were carved. Well actually I have another final question - why were they installed at a height where almost no one would see them?

Well, we know why -- we needed the company.

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Martin Tielli

Hey, I wrote some canon-compliant fic for once!

I'm not sure I could really tell you why, but I wrote Wolverine movieverse Sabretooth with the doomed Birdy from the comics, and then I threw in Al Purdy poetry and the possible murder of Tom Thomson because those things go with supervillains, right? Right. Also I'm going to get thrown out of the alumni society for dragging my alma mater this hard.

Read on AO3: Happy Hour Is Here

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Martin Tielli

bait shop pistols and ammo, too, nothin' but books about world war two

I only recently (the other day) watched Captain America: The First Avenger. You get a really distorted view of the Marvel movies if you just absorb them by Tumblr osmosis, looking at gifsets and reading meta. Even fic leaves out a lot of stuff. I had this same feeling when I first watched Winter Soldier -- why was no one geeking out over how amazing Nick Fury was in that movie? I know people were mesmerised by the Steve/Bucky relationship, and so was I, but it was actually...a pretty small element of the whole thing?

Collapse )

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Martin Tielli

Two chapters!

Chapters 9 and 10 of The Heart's Landscape up today, Half a Heart and Let the Watchman Count on Daybreak. That happened because I was rearranging some scenes between the two chapters and had to work on them simultaneously, so...sorry for the spam, but you get closure right away on the kissing scene.

Second chapter has a cameo of a character from a show that hardly anyone remembers, because that's what I bring to the table.

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Martin Tielli

some canon, for once

Ch. 8 of The Heart's Landscape, Snakes and Ladders, is now posted. Faiza Hussain of Captain Britain and the MI:13 shows up in this one, because she works nicely here as a foil, a religious and peaceful person who 100% thinks superheroes are awesome, rather than being suspicious of the general concept as Joel is.

I love Faiza.

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Martin Tielli

Newest revamped chapter of The Heart's Landscape posted

Chapter 7, "Undoer of Knots" is up. Lots of fairly big changes. Most of the chapter is now from Hodya's POV, since I took to heart the criticism that she didn't feel detailed or real enough before. I think we now get a much clearer sense of what she wants and why she sticks around, but feel free to correct me.

We're also leading into a major plot pivot, which is new material because I had no idea where the plot was headed when I first wrote this. I now have a real outline and everything.

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