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19 October 2015 @ 02:50 am
Tell me who's that writing? John the Revelator...  
That feel when you decide to write a quick canon-compliant story for another fandom, just as a palate cleanser before launching into X-men Novel #3...and the story gets a little too long...and you come to the end and realise you really need to mirror it with a second one from the opposite perspective in order to make it all hang nicely...and now we're talking about 20K at least...

Well, a palate-cleanser is coming shortly, anyway, because the draft is done. It's in Sunless Sea/Fallen London fandom. Completely different from what I usually do, and yet not that different.

I'll aim to release the first three chapters of Novel #3 at once, just to be sure that I have all my dominos set up the way I want them to fall. Outlines are outliney, wheels are in motion.

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